What Is The Cost Of Abortion İn Turkey İstanbul Clinics And Hospitals?

The total cost of the abortion include the first consultation to confirm and date the pregnancy using ultrasound scan, preparing the womb before the surgery, the procedure itself and the post-operative medication and care.

This initial consultation costs about.. . The abortion procedure is charged base on the weeks of gestation at the performance of the procedure. It is more difficult to abort a more advance pregnancy and it is charged higher. An early stage abortion procedure costs…, and the fees go up from 8 weeks of pregnancy.

An additional charge will be levied when an anaesthetist is called in when the women has pre-existing medical illness

Our clinic is licensed for legal Abortion Services  /  Cheap and Legal abortion services clinics in İstanbul Turkey

Vacuum Aspiration Services Fees  Includes:        

Pregnancy Test (BHCG)

Preliminary Work-Up

Ultrasound, (before and after control)

Sedation Anesthesia

Vacuum Aspiration

After Use Medicines

Follow Up Visit

Prescription for Birth Control

Do I have to be from from an Other Country to come to this clinic to have an abortion?

YES, we accept patients from all of the word. We are legal and safe clinic for foreigners

Abortion Center İstanbul

Please call 0090 532 2619315 for an appointment. Please bring with you your identity card or passport to the clinic for the appointment.
The procedure usually takes about 10-15 minutes and patient will rest for 1-2 hours after the procedure for observation and for recovery from the sedation. It is safe and painless.
The urine test will take 2-3 weeks to turn negative.

Please come to Clinic should you have an emergency or call us at 0090 532 2619315 to contact Dr Nevra.
The doctor will attend to you.

Why Abortion İn İstanbul Turkey?

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