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What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion ,also known as 'medication' abortion, is a way to end pregnancy without surgery.
 This can be used safely at any stage of pregnancy, but in later pregnancies ,after 8 weeks from the beginning of the last normal menstrual period women will need to stay in hospital until the procedure is completed and this may take more than one day.

In İstanbul Turkey almost all  abortion hospitals and abortion clinics which provide first trimester surgical abortion , can not  offer medical abortion . Medical abortion, abortion pills are illegal in Turkey, we can not use Cytotec and Mifepristone

Early medical abortion, The treatment

The treatment will usually consist of one Mifegyne  tablet containing 200mg of mifepristone. This acts by blocking the effects of progesterone, a hormone which is needed for pregnancy to continue.

This will be followed 0-48 hrs later by the insertion into the vagina, or inside the mouth  , four tablets each containing 200µg of Cytotec misoprostol . This is a different type of hormone, a prostaglandin, that helps to expel the pregnancy. If the woman remains in hospital a second dose may be given if the woman has not passed the pregnancy sac within 4 hours.

Cytotec - misoprostol-  and Mifepristone  are illegal in Turkey istanbul

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