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Hymenoplasty / Hymen Repair / Revirginization
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Hymenoplasty in Turkey, performed by a Gynecologist surgeon in İstanbul involves surgical restoration of the hymen.
A female genital cosmetic surgeon in İstanbul , specialist in genital surgery invites you to discover the rates and fees for hymenoplasty in Turkey
Hymenoplasty is performed by the ObGyn surgeon to repair the hymen.

What does hymen repair involve?
Hymenoplasty is hymen restoration surgery, reconstruction.
The hymen is a band of fibrous and elastic tissue located near the opening of the vagina.
It is female genital surgery whose gynecologic goal is to surgical restore the hymen without leaving any visible trace that the patient has had the procedure.
The hymen is symbolic of virginity in some cultures because it often tears during sexual intercourse of any type of manipulation.

How is the Hymen restoration done?
The hymen is recreated, restorated using the hymeneal membrane that was torn.
In some cases other new techniques can be used, such SuperHymenoplasty.

What techniques are there for hymenopalsty surgery?
Two techniques used in hymen repair surgery.
The simpler one involves the suturing of the existing torn the hymeneal membrane with very very fine sutures.
The second is involves the use of vaginal tissue flaps to repair the hymen.

Is the hymenoplasty surgery painful?
No, painless
After hymenoplasty, you should plan to rest for one day before returning to your daily activities
After the surgery there will some discomfort

How long does the Hymen surgery take?
Depending on your needs, you may get general or local anesthesia to enhance your comfort during the procedure. Hyman repair surgery takes about 20-30 minutes.

Does the hymenoplasty surgery leave any visible trace?
No..The hymen restoration surgery doesnot leave any visible trace.
The hymenal sutures are dissolvable and are reabsorbed .
It’s impossible to tell tan other doctor the difference between a recreated hymen and a virgin hymen.

How long after the surgery the sexual intercourse is possible?
3 week healing period is recommended after the revirginization before engaging in sexual intercourse.
After the hymen repair surgery is there bleeding at the first occurrence of sexual intercourse?
On the first occurrence of intercourse after hyemenoplasty the hymen will tear again and there will be hymenal bleeding as before.

If somebody asks the surgeon if he performed hymen repair surgery is she free to answer?
Medical confidentiality surrounding hymen restoration prohibits the surgeon from giving any information to anyone other than the patient herself. All information given directly only to the patient.

How much does hymenoplasty cost in Turkey İstanbul ?
The cost of hymen restoration repair surgery varies depending on what the surgeon finds on examining the patient. The rates for hymenoplasty surgery start at 1500 USD.


Your hymen is healed and restored about 3 weeks after surgery. You find that the restored hymen breaks the first time they engage in intercourse after surgery.

Do I have to be from an Other Country to come to this clinic to have Hymenoplasty surgery?

Yes of course, we accept patients from all of the word. We are legal and safe clinic for foreigners since 1995


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